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Wayfinder Review: Coyote Wind

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

"Coyote Wind poetry book cover by Dyana Basist"

If, like me, you can never get enough of coyote - the flesh and blood canine or the mythological trickster - you might want to dip into Coyote Wind, a book as magical and provocative as coyote. A wildly gifted poet, Dyana Basist has courted coyote for years and coyote has responded in ways that will leave you delightfully off balance. Dyana Basist is one of the Wayfinders, sharing a map into uncharted territory - the wild within and without.

Just a teaser - excerpted from the poem "Coyote Under My Skin"

Coyote’s snout rises above the alfalfa

where he hides, gawks at the prairie dogs

who stand on their hind legs, alert.

He gives up, bored and hungry,

naps, his mouth ajar

two moths fly in

like flute notes being sucked back to silence.

His mouth closes and opens again

seven yellow moths flutter out

chase each other,

higher and higher until

they become the Pleiades

a hoof in the night sky.

A lot of work for coyote to birth stars

you’d think he’d be able to snag a prairie dog. . .

If you want to order Coyote Wind, contact Dyana Basist at


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