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Wayfinders: Kosmos Journal & Climate Change Conference

"Cover of Kosmos Journal with woman merging with  tree"

One of my goals in doing this website/blog is to highlight writers, thinkers, artists and resources that have had an impact on me and can make a difference in these times. I think of them as "Wayfinders." There is so much information everywhere we turn, it can become overwhelming to sift and choose. My hope is to share just enough of these gems to possibly spark your curiosity and make it easy to explore further if you wish.

My first shout out is for a wonderful online quarterly, Kosmos: Journal for Global Transformation. It's perplexing that more people, at least on the west coast, aren't aware of it. To be honest, I wasn't either until I heard it was accepting submissions for essays related to "Rising Earth Awareness: Climate, Consciousness, and Community." It seemed like a good fit for my work. Of course, I was thrilled when they accepted my essay, "Chama River Revelations," which has just appeared in their Spring Edition.

However, before getting that good news, I already had subscribed and was singing its praises to friends. The writers have big hearts, fresh minds, and large ideas. It's beautifully designed and includes artwork, music reviews and poetry as well as in-depth articles about what really matters. Rhonda Fabian conveys the spirit of Kosmos in her editorial, "The Earth Is Doing Her Best:"

. . . This edition of Kosmos Quarterly touches the themes of these important gatherings: Oneness, grief and loss, gratefulness, hope, preparedness, stewardship, resilience. This collection of works is less about what we ‘know’ about climate, than what we feel, and less about what to ‘do’, than how to be. For, until we remember our at-one-ment with the Earth and all beings, our actions will have little restorative impact.

She ends her piece by saying, "It is never too late for life."

Actively involved in creating community, Kosmos is one of the streaming hubs for a unique conference occurring at Findhorn, April 20th - 26th, called Climate Change & Consciousness. The CCC19 website says, "the event will feature some of the clearest and most passionate voices for the Earth ever gathered together in one place." There are well known names such as Bill McKibben, Charles Eisenstein and Kathleen Dean Moore as well as presenters from indigenous cultures, youth leadership and performance art. Individuals and small groups can become streaming hubs, which allows you to participate in much of the conference. If you miss it, videos of the presentations and workshops will be available later through the CCC19 Conference website. I am very excited to see what comes out of this interactive gathering.


Kosmos Journal for Global Transformation:

Findhorn CCC19 conference:

As mentioned above, each month I hope to feature a "Wayfinder," which could be a person, book, publication, podcast, art exhibit, or movie (to name a few possibilities) that has opened a pathway of understanding and inspiration. I would be very interested to hear what/who your Wayfinders have been.

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