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“We are not protecting grizzlies from extinction; they are protecting us from the extinction of experience as we engage with the world beyond ourselves.  The very presence of a grizzly returns us to an ecology of awe.  We tremble at what appears to be a dream yet stands before us on two legs and roars.”  

From Hour of the Land

Other great books by Terry Tempest Williams:  When Women Were Birds, Refuge, Red, all of them.

  • Michael McCarthy:  Nature, Joy & Human Becoming

  • Layli Long Soldier:  The Freedom of Real Apologies

  • Frank Wilczek:  Why Is the World So Beautiful?

Thought provoking, moving, activating interviews with philosophers, activists, writers, spiritual leaders, environmentalists

Terry Tempest Williams

Anna Breytenbach: The Animal Communicator

This beautifully made documentary opened my awareness of possibilities with other species.  She communicates with baboons, birds, a jaguar with great compassion. She believes we all have this capacity and now does trainings all over the world.

At the borders of our beds

are the strange ways, voices,

the slow shifting of eyes, turning of ears.

They hear us, smell us, dream us.  

We lie down 

in the long nights of their waking,

the world of animal law,

the house of pelvic truth. 


From "Ritual Life of Animals" in The Book of Medicines

Linda Hogan  

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