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Photo Gallery from Blog Posts

Each blog essay has been accompanied by photographs, mostly ones that I have snapped or that have been caught on my motion detector camera. I imagine these here as a quilt, each a story without a storyline, without words. If we watch carefully enough, closely enough, curiously enough; who do we see? The "who" could be an individual animal or plant, it could be collective entity such as an antelope herd or a geese migration. The "who" could be a slab of granite, a passing cloud, a streak of lightening. I try to avoid projecting myself into animals and plants, yet allow myself to imagine myself in their experience. That tricky dance around the maypole of anthropomorphism: to not assume we know what they think and feel, but to not assume that they don't have emotions, intelligence, intention. I believe we do a great disservice to animals and plants in either extreme. For too many decades, scientists and amateur naturalists have been shamed and punished for respectfully researching or speculating about the interior life of other beings. 

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