I have a fierce love for this earth


     Which means I cannot be a bystander


            Which means I must not be silent or separate


                     What we love we will not turn away from


I have found questions to be great companions – elusive questions can be lifelong friends. What is the wild, how are we wild? What are dreams made of? How about profound synchronicity? What is possible between species? Do unusual animal encounters mean anything? Can several layers of meaning – the mundane and esoteric - be true at the same time? And what about time – is it linear, circular, simultaneous?  

We live in a period of great paradox: such beauty, such peril. My daily practice is to embrace this duality:  joyous and marveling at the wonder of the natural world without turning from grief or response-ability as it is threatened. My writing aspires to hold it all, including those who have been left out of the conversation: animals, plants, landscapes, ancestors, the yet to be born.  


We can become saturated with the pain of the earth’s destruction. Our shared creative actions are our lifeboats. To keep afloat we need to bail, not as in give up, but bail as in scooping out the water around our ankles as the sea rises. Let us paddle our boats to shore together. Please join the dialogue.

                           What we love we will not turn away from 

             Which means we must not be silent or separate


       We cannot be alone in these times


As we fiercely love our world

Pictograph Grand Gulch Primitive Area, Utah

Sculpture by Carol Gaab

In this essay, you will meet my incredible Australian Blue Heeler puppy as I grapple with my ambivalent task of domesticating him. As usual, I am drawn to life’s inherent contradictions, exploring what it means to be wild and not-so-wild. And all of this in the context of the coronavirus. 

If you prefer, you can give your eyes a rest and listen to me reading it by clicking the audio button.

Native Animal Rescue "Nature Writer"

I'm so pleased to announce that Santa Cruz Native Animal Rescue has asked me to be their "Resident Nature Writer."

They will be posting my animal related blogs on their website and 

Facebook page. 

I feel honored given this is an organization I greatly admire. I have derived such pleasure volunteering at their center and rehabbing injured and orphaned animals in my home. In this last year they have taken care of 2400 birds, mammals and reptiles!

Writeup is from their 2019 yearly newsletter. Photo taken at Center.

Check out their website at https://www.nativeanimalrescue.org/

Recently Published

My December posting, “Migrations,” was just published in the Spring Edition of Kosmos: Journal for Global Transformation, under the new title, “Good Fortune.” My friend Carolyn Brigit Flynn has a beautiful and timely piece, entitled "Safe House," in this wonderful journal as well

My April 2019 post, “Chama River Revelations,” was included in the latest edition of Dark Matter: Women Witnessing. Another online journal committed to planetary healing, this particular issue features responses to Deena Metzger’s powerful essay, “Extinction Illness: Grave Affliction and Possibility," published in the January issue of Tikkun


You can already read my essays here, but you will find many inspiring, unsettling and evocative works in each of these publications. 

Finding our way

All together

Cloaked in sweet darkness

Seeking light

Blog: Earth Dialogues

Essays are written by Marilyn DuHamel for Earth Dialogues in hopes of increasing connection with the natural world and heightening awareness of endangered wildlife and habitat. In keeping with this goal, feel free to share these essays through social media. Please credit author and website link www.marilynduhamel.com 

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