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I have a fierce love for this earth


     Which means I cannot be a bystander


            Which means I must not be silent or separate


                     What we love we will not turn away from


I have found questions to be great companions – elusive questions can be lifelong friends. What is the wild, how are we wild? What are dreams made of? How about profound synchronicity? What is possible between species? Do unusual animal encounters mean anything? Can several layers of meaning – the mundane and esoteric - be true at the same time? And what about time – is it linear, circular, simultaneous?  

We live in a period of great paradox: such beauty, such peril. My daily practice is to embrace this duality:  joyous and marveling at the wonder of the natural world without turning from grief or response-ability as it is threatened. My writing aspires to hold it all, including those who have been left out of the conversation: animals, plants, landscapes, ancestors, the yet to be born.  


We can become saturated with the pain of the earth’s destruction. Our shared creative actions are our lifeboats. To keep afloat we need to bail, not as in give up, but bail as in scooping out the water around our ankles as the sea rises. Let us paddle our boats to shore together. Please join the dialogue.

                           What we love we will not turn away from 

             Which means we must not be silent or separate


       We cannot be alone in these times


As we fiercely love our world

Pictograph Grand Gulch Primitive Area, Utah

Sculpture by Carol Gaab

In my new post, “Screen Door,” you will be transported, as I was, by sensory memories embedded in a rusty screen door back in the 1950’s. Hovering over the story is the question, what allows us to move back and forth through the hedge of time?

I’ve made an audio recording in case you just want to close your eyes and travel.  To listen to this recording or others, press the Audio Button on the Blog page.

Dark Matter: Women Witnessing 

This online journal never flinches from the ecological crises and accompanying grief we face today. The current issue features essays and artwork in response to Deena Metzger’s powerful essay, “Extinction Illness: Grave Affliction and Possibility" published in the January issue of Tikkun


My essay, “Chama River Revelations,” is included in this Dark Matter issue, as well as the essay, “Across the Watershed,” by my friend and writing teacher, Carolyn Brigit Flynn. This is a brave and important publication with excellent writing and provocative visual art. 

Blog: Earth Dialogues